Breeze-Easy Method 1: Trombone por John Kinyon

Breeze-Easy Method 1: Trombone por John Kinyon

Titulo del libro: Breeze-Easy Method 1: Trombone

Autor: John Kinyon

Número de páginas: 32 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 1, 1979

ISBN: 0897243722

Editor: Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Nombre del archivo: breeze-easy-method-1-trombone.pdf

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John Kinyon con Breeze-Easy Method 1: Trombone

This method is designed to give the young student a proper conception and systematic approach to music reading and the art of brass performance. Emphasis is on the fundamentals including tone production, tone placement, embouchure development, technique, rhythmic perception and tonal consciousness. Through this thorough and efficient course of study the student will be lead to take his place as a contributing member of the school band or orchestra in the shoretest possible time. The Trumpet, Trombone and baritone books may be used in conjunction with one another, thus facilitating the organization of beginning brass classes. The book also contains a refreshing repertoire of new song material that will delight both student and teacher.